14 Benefits of IVR for Small Brands

14 Benefits of IVR for Small Brands


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a wonderful technology for small brands. An IVR system is a cloud-based technology that takes all inbound and outbound calls. The IVR number responds through pre-recorded voice messages and text-to-speech technology to the calls.

14 Benefits of IVR Usage for Small Businesses

  1. Track Calls Efficiently: IVR numbers can rapidly route every call. It presents the picture of the expertise of a business and helps to establish a brand image. It reduces caller hold time for the customers and boosts the possibility to erase call conflicts efficiently. The automated telephone call distribution feature can route calls with accuracy. It offers the agents quality time that enhances productivity.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: With the IVR system a business can design an automated method so that they can gather all important information regarding the call. A client can put in their knowledge while in a warehouse or the queue. These factors help a customer’s communication that makes service delivery satisfying.
  3. Focusing on Incoming Phone Calls: A business can use IVR solutions to avoid long haul times and poor quality customer support. With an IVR number a business can determine if the customer requires an experienced agent to resolve issues. It offers a direct solution that respects a customer’s time and resources. Incoming calls are given priority and value which helps a business never lose a customer.
  4. Simplify Sales: IVR makes the sales process fasters and reduces call complications. Faster order and service delivery are directly related to more incoming calls. A business can refine more orders every working day. As the productivity of a business becomes more, it enhances the sale process and results in more income. A business can make the best use of IVR for outbound sales and marketing calls.
  5. Business Image: IVR service offers the finest professional service that makes a business looks like a specialist. It helps a business to draw a bigger image of the company that transforms a bigger picture. With a specific phone number, all services can be directed thus offering efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. IVR system can help to establish an easy market image and brand value.
  6. Data-Directed Routing: A business can route calls directly based on a priority list. IVR number can help with data-directed routing. For instance, if a client wants to check the account issues and this searches his account number in the IVR system, that supposedly specifies that the account had been linked with some illegal tasks recently. Then, immediately they are directed to a specialized representative to handle the case.
  7. Minimize Response Time: A business can gain support for every small to big service and offer immediate services. It minimizes response time by solving or offering a solution through the IVR menu. On the other hand, it influences purchasing decision of the client while giving them guidance and confidence.
  8. Increase Inbound Call Capacity: It can address concurrent phone calls that help a business to reach more calls. Inbound calling can be easily handled and the quality of communication remained standard.
  9. 24×7 Support: IVR number offers around-the-clock support. Businesses can respond through pre-recorded announcements and record the call when customers reached outside of work hours. The calls are later followed back.
  10. Call Wait Time Utilization: Small businesses can use the call wait time to deliver information that reduces boredom and is a means of effective engagement.
  11. Redundancy: With IVR the repetitive services are easily handled by the IVR menu. It reduces call traffic as well as the repetitious services are handled with utmost importance.
  12. Decreased Desertion Price: With uninterrupted and quality service, call drops and service termination are avoided. By using a user-friendly and durable IVR, a business can maintain a stable customer base and also attract lead generations.
  13. Performance-Enhancing Tools: IVR offers analytical insights that are based on call volume, duration, end-to-end call monitoring, etc. It helps a business to track every call and also avoid traffic. It helps a business to identify valuable insights and add them to business strategies.
  14. Measure Client Satisfaction: It helps a business to conduct surveys and collect feedback. It helps to measure the satisfaction of the customers by identifying important factors that affect service delivery. It helps a business to perform better.

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