Love Nike Air Force 1’s? Here’s How To Maintain & Style Them

Love Nike Air Force 1’s? Here’s How To Maintain & Style Them

Every shoe collection needs a set of Nike Air Force 1 in an all-white colorway. When the sneaker turns 40 in 2022, it will be regarded as a true classic. Whether you have an AF1 Low, Mid, or High in your shoe collection, the Air Force goes with everything. Find out here how to put on and look after your all-white Nikes.

The Nike Air Force 1 shoe was first offered in 1982 in a high version. Bruce Kilgore’s design was initially meant to be a basketball shoe. The initial edition’s colour scheme was white and silver. A silver Swoosh could be seen on the white Nike Air Force 1 High’s middle panel.

Now, around 40 years after the vehicle’s debut, the Air Force is also available in Low and Mid form. Although the trainer is available in a variety of colours, the all-white version is very well-liked. You should wear your favourite fit and keep the sneakers neat and tidy. High, Middle, or Low?

Choosing your favourite Air Force 1 is the first step. The Lows are a common choice, but there are other good reasons to consider the Mids and Highs. Now, there are a few factors to take into account while choosing your next pair of Nikes. The AF1 Highs may appear gigantic on people with larger feet. The Lows pair well with many different outfits because to their low fit. A Mid will, however, also look great with a stylish dress.

Maintaining your AF 1’s

The most important component of wearing all-white Air Force 1s may be keeping them clean. Do you find it endearing to slouch around in a dirty Nike? The majority of the AF 1’s upper is made of leather. This makes cleaning easy, but there are a few things to remember. Before putting on your sneakers, you must use waterproof sneaker spray.

Taking care when cleaning your pairs is also necessary. Pay great attention to the right products and what works best for the specific type of leather on the model. A good option in this situation would be DFNS products.

Preventing folds and fixing them

Nobody likes to stroll around in crumpled Air Force 1, but wrinkles are unavoidable. After the early steps are finished, the leather may begin to crease close to the nose. While an Air Force 1 shouldn’t have a worn-in appearance, a Converse Chuck 70 might.

Fortunately, there are methods to lessen the damage. Many businesses sell anti-crease shields. To stop the sneakers from creasing as you take the next step, you can insert these into the shoes. There is a method for reducing wrinkles as well. Grab an iron, then enclose the trainer with a warm towel. You carefully run this iron over the uppers of the pair and presto!

Maintain an extra set of all-white shoes.

A timeless design to always have on hand is the Nike Air Force 1. Whether you are having shoe problems or don’t have a pair that goes with every outfit, it is always helpful to have a clean pair of trainers on hand. Store them carefully in the box to keep them as white as possible. You don’t need to be concerned about the Air Force 1 going out of style.

Put on your Nikes and some baggy pants.

Since narrow jeans are no longer in style, pairing your Air Force 1 sneakers with baggy clothing is the best option. The Mids and Highs look great with Nike sweatpants, while the all-white Low shoes should be worn with baggy Dickies pants.

Choose the right pair of jeans.

Having a good trainer makes the game easier to win. The next step is choosing the appropriate pair of jeans to match your favourite Air Force 1. The Low model of the Air Force 1 pairs nicely with many various types of jeans, however pants for the High model should be tapered at the ankles. The jeans hang carelessly at the AF 1 High in this way.

Putting your Nikes on The last step, though not compulsory, is to lace up your Air Force 1s. On YouTube, there is a tonne of tutorials showing you how to lace your shoes. Why not lace up the sneakers that came with them using your own ingenuity?

But before you get too excited, keep in mind that overly tight laces can deform the shape of the shoe. However, the length of the Air Force 1 laces is perfect for a variety of lacing methods.

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