Love Nike Dunks? Here’s How To Style Them With Ease

Love Nike Dunks? Here’s How To Style Them With Ease

Knowing how to style the Nike Dunk has proven crucial over the past two years. The silhouette’s enormous rise in popularity has catapulted it into the forefront of the sneaker world. The Nike Dunk has now won over a whole new generation of sneakerheads, who have given the legendary shoe their own unique spin. In light of this, we decided it was about time to demonstrate how to correctly style the Nike Dunk.


Just this year alone, there have been a tonne of Nike Dunks released. Although it can be confusing to decide which pair to buy, there are a few fundamental aspects to get right. You should choose clothing that goes with the sneakers you’re wearing, regardless of what kind of sneaker they are. You’ll want to make sure that your attire, colours, and aesthetics are in harmony with one another depending on what colorway you’re wearing or even what mood you’re in.


The majority of Nike Dunks are on the hefty side of footwear. In light of this, you should steer clear of anything that is very fitting because it will draw attention to the overall bulkiness of the shape. Slim jeans and Nike Dunks? Most likely not a wise move. Of course, wearing Nike Dunks with jeans is possible; just make sure they aren’t too tight. Below, we’ll break down some of our favourite Nike Dunk Low ensembles and explain why we like them so much.


Women’s Nike Dunk Low Outfit

It’s vital to wear colours that truly bring the Nike Dunk Women Low “Syracuse” out because it’s on the brighter end of the colour spectrum. The brilliant colours of the sneakers contrast nicely with the soft orange cardigan in the photo above, which strikes a wonderful balance between the two. A tactile aspect and a relaxed and casual vibe are also added to the outfit by the slightly baggy denim jeans. The gold accessories complete the look and put the finishing touches on this stylish Nike Dunk ensemble.


Men’s Nike Dunk Low Outfit

The Nike Dunk Men Low “Kentucky” was one of the first pairs to go back in style in 2020. With this laid-back appearance as shown in the photo above, it is easy to observe how well the pieces complement one another. A loose-fitting sweater and washed sweatpants give this outfit an almost new grungy vibe. We all agree that the vintage band T-shirt completes the comfortable yet well-planned outfit. The “Kentucky” Dunks’ vivid blue upper brings it all together and completes a fantastic Nike Dunk look.


Putting the Nike Dunk High in Style

Once you have the fundamentals down, planning an outfit for a Nike Dunk High is simple. Similar to the Nike Dunk shoes Low, you want to wear something more casual. Fitted or narrow clothing, or a bulky silhouette, won’t look good in this setting. For the Nike Dunk High, cargos, sweatpants, or baggy jeans are the ideal coordinating bottoms. We’ve included a few Nike outfit suggestions below that, in our opinion, showcase the ideal way to wear the Dunk High.


Women’s Nike Dunk High Outfit

Particularly when it comes to Nike Dunk High attire, there are instances when less really is more. A straightforward yet highly fashionable Nike Dunk High “Vast Grey” ensemble is shown above. The whole look is comfortable without pushing too hard thanks to the big puffer and roomy bottoms. It’s crucial to remember that the various textiles fit together effortlessly, which the tones also contribute to highlighting. Another standout feature of this ensemble is the light grey and white colour scheme, which we firmly endorse. The Nike Dunk, whether it’s a High, Low, or SB, should be styled like this!


Men’s Nike Dunk High Outfit

Another excellent illustration of how to wear the Nike Dunk. Despite being a classic, the “Syracuse” colorway can be challenging to master. This Dunk’s vivid orange colour guarantees that you’ll draw attention, but it’s the complementary cream pants that provide the ideal backdrop against which the orange may shine. The black sweater at the top adds a more neutral shade to the combination, and the brown cap completes the ensemble for a reliable overall effect. This is a wonderful place to start if you’re seeking for Nike Dunk High outfit ideas.


Style Tips for the Nike SB Dunk

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the Nike SB Dunk is a touch chunkier than the Nike Dunk. The Nike SB Dunk is more robustly built, with a lower profile, and a puffier tongue. You’ll want to keep your Nike SB Dunk attire rather straightforward given the outrageous colorways we’ve seen over the previous two years. The origins of the Nike SB look in skateboarding are its finest feature. Think casual attire, oversized jeans, and tough cargos. Check out a few of our favourite Nike SB Dunk outfits below in light of this.


Women’s Nike SB Dunk Outfit

People have probably considered celebrating Christmas in July even though the Sean Cliver x Nike SB Dunk Low is a holiday-season shoe. The baby blue, white, and gold sneaker is difficult to pull off, but the rest of this outfit’s neutral colours mix well together. The eye-catching colour combination of the sneaker is nicely balanced with a loose pair of sweatpants in a neutral shade of grey. A beautiful finishing touch is the cream Supreme hoodie, which works well with the baby blue Supreme beanie to complete the look.


Men’s Nike SB Dunk ensemble

The outfit pictured above is a wonderful illustration of how to style this challenging Nike SB Dunk Low colorway. It takes a bit more consideration to appreciate the many hues, patterns, and textures employed on the “atmos Elephant” SB Dunk. It creates a good foundation for the brilliance of the sneakers by choosing an all-black top. Every component of this Dunk style fits together effectively, including the acid wash denim pants and a pair of black socks.

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