Top Applications of Missed Call Services

Top Applications of Missed Call Services

The concept of missed call services is not new to India. India is a market where missed call service has been used to promote services, and its potential is only projected to rise over time. India has a billion mobile subscribers. It is interesting that missed call service is such a big deal in the Indian market, given the population’s prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices. Missed calls are convenient, take less time, and are completely free. Given that the majority of people in India use prepaid connections, the price is a key element in why missed call service is so popular. Let’s now peek at a few of the top applications of missed calls that might be provided in India.

Receive Account Information by Missed Calling:

The most frequent activity among bank customers is checking their balance frequently to stay informed of their outgoings. Now, the routine can get somewhat tedious if one has to go to a bank to collect this information. Additionally, not every customer, particularly the elderly or those with lower literacy, is aware of online banking or can use this feature to check their balance.

Banks have launched their native miss call systems, so clients may miss calls to obtain basic account information, such as account balances. Your registered mobile number with the bank is the only form of authentication during this process. By simply authenticating the transfer with a best missed call alert service, it introduced a tool allowing its customers to transfer money to another account in any bank. However, the customer had first used SMS to confirm the recipients and their account numbers.

Job Search:

It can be a little overwhelming for people looking for work who do not have an internet connection. Most job openings and new opportunities are announced online since businesses and government agencies prefer the digital world for alerts and promotions rather than no or very little use of printed media. For those using newspapers and other printed media to look for work creates numerous issues. In this aspect, missed call alerts in India greatly simplify matters.

Casting a Vote:

Public sector organizations, private businesses, and the Indian government frequently undertake surveys to learn what the public thinks about the newest goods, services, regulations, and other government initiatives. The target audience is included in large-scale surveys and polls, and people find it simple to participate by leaving their comments or votes through missed calls. This saves time, and by involving a bigger group of participants, the conducting organizations are better able to produce a fair analysis.


The entertainment sector is not falling behind when using the missed call service. One needs to place a missed call on the and upon doing so. They will shortly receive a call, which will play on any entertainment channel. In order for fans to enjoy entertainment directly on their mobile phones, Bollywood lovers in the most isolated regions of the nation launched a missed call feature. Dial the number, and someone will call you back shortly with various entertainment alternatives, such as jokes or music. Numerous singing, dance, talent, and other reality shows may be found on Indian television. Therefore, if one enjoys reality television, they can vote for their preferred competitors by leaving a missed call on a particular number. As a result, missed call services are a convenient way for viewers to connect with these shows, particularly with their favorite participants.


Making a missed call to the supplied numbers will allow you to sign up for offers, such as those from your cable TV or mobile service provider. When a customer purchases anything online, the e-commerce company may ask them to call back and confirm that they wish to pay cash-on-delivery. Cash-On-Delivery is a crucial component of online product purchases in India. Therefore, the missed call feature is vital from both a business and a customer’s perspective.

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