Which is the best stylus for art and design in 2022?

Which is the best stylus for art and design in 2022?

Touchscreens have infiltrated the modern world in a big way. From our favorite handheld devices to the back of the airplane seats, these touchable pieces of glass ad plastic have opened up a new world of futuristic navigation, making the button a thing of the past. In the initial days of the touch screen, before captivative touch screens hit the market, resistive touch screens used to rely on precise mechanical pressure for making successful contact. Then launched the stylus pen for touch screens, also known as a touch screen pen. 

In this article, we will see which stylus is best for art and design in 2022. But before that, let’s check the things to consider before buying a stylus. 

Things to consider before buying a stylus

The beauty of the stylus is that no matter what type of touch screen you own, there will be a compatible stylus in the market that will perfectly support your tapping needs. Although, when selecting the best among the rest, there are a lot of things to consider in your decision-making process. 

  • Aesthetics

It’s no doubt that functionality is at the top of the priority list, but it’s essential to keep aesthetic appeal high on your list too. No matter whether you’re going to use the stylus in your lifestyle to pair with your PC or use it on your smartphone, you’re going to carry it all over the place. Therefore, make sure that your stylus has an aesthetic appeal that you can be proud of and always ready to flaunt. 

  • Power Supply

Some styluses use batteries to operate and some don’t. Some can be charged through a power supply and some can’t. So depending upon your preference, the type of power supply of a stylus pen for touch screens can be a make-or-break deal. Styluses having an integrated power source will allow you to leave behind the hassle of using disposable batteries, instead, of having a simple wall socket plug-in option. Most users who use optimized convenience mostly go for rechargeable styluses. 

  • Construction

Its important that your stylus is well-constructed and built with long-lasting and sturdy materials. Due to their small size, styluses have often become victims of bends, and breaks. This depends solely on how you treat your stylus. The most sturdiest and well-built stylus pens are made of robust metals and plastics. 

  • Connectivity

Basic styluses usually do not require any special equipment or power-on features to become functional. Although, people looking to upgrade from a basic stylus to an advanced one will need to consider connectivity. A stylus that requires an added piece to become completely functional may carry more enticing usability options. 

  • Compatibility

Alongside connectivity, it is also important to consider the compatibility of the stylus. Not all styluses are made compatible with every device, so be careful to check the compatibility of your stylus with your device before purchasing.  

So now that you know what parameters need to be checked before purchasing a stylus, let’s check out the best stylus for art & design in 2022. 

The best stylus for art & design in 2022

There are undoubtedly various styluses in the market, but the best one is the Quill Bundle. This consists of the Quill which is the world’s smartest stylus, with the ability to accurately pick more than 16M colors, the Qube is a wireless charger enabled with an Alexa speaker, and the Quill App which is a one-of-a-kind 2D/3D drawing app. 

Quill is designed for creative minds who love taking inspiration and creating art from the things around them. It is a perfect tool that can bring the experience of creating digital art closer to natural pen and paper drawing. The Quill Bundle is launching soon. 

Wrapping It Up

The launch of the Quill Bundle will open up infinite possibilities in the field of art, design, and technology. If you are someone who is waiting to buy the best stylus pen for touch screens in 2022, please wait for this big launch and get hands-on with the world’s smartest stylus. To know more about Quill & Qube, please visit the website.

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